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Our Mission

Our mission at The Healthy student is to share and raise social issues that students often face during their educational careers. By discussing and spreading awareness of student rights, a new generation will be capable enough to maintain and defend their social boundaries. We believe that this platform will always be a part of a community that will help and protect students and will make them aware socially.

Our website offers a wealth of resources, including blogs, case studies, and articles about social issues that we often fear discussing.

Our Vision

Our vision for The healthy Student is to create a website that provides students with complete guidelines and awareness about their physical health, mental health, social issues, sexual harassment, etc

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What we have on The Healthy Student

If you have a story to tell the world, we welcome you to share your words on your student life, how you overcame the issues and hurdles.

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Ethan Welch

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Ethan Welch

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Ethan Welch

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